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Altera Lingua FollowMe

Centre for Foreign Languages Follow Me – Altera Lingua was founded in 1997 and since then has gained a wealth of experience in foreign language instruction.  Confirmation of our quality, our experience and our contemporary approaches to teaching is offered by our great popularity among learners of all levels.  Centre Altera Lingua employs expert, dynamic and motivated instructors who are continually perfecting their skills by attending professional seminars organized at local and international levels.

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Our school is divided into four sectors:
1. a sector for kids (preschool to sixth grade);
2. a sector for preteens and teens (seventh grade to high school age);
3.a sector for  young adults (senior high school age and university students)
4. a sector for adults and for the business world;

Instructions take place at our school premises, local school classrooms and a large number of companies.

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